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The Wii Directory

The Wii games we've reviewed, ranked in score order. Keep checking back, we're trying to fill our review back-catalogue all the time... (This is not a comprehensive 'Best of' list, just of games with formal reviews.)

Galaxy 2 Cover Blob MadworldBox SmashBrawlRPBoxartboxart_160w De-Blob-US

#2: Super Smash Bros Brawl


Review Here (Review by Gibbon)

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"Brawl is a massive, sprawling game that shall never truely get old, no matter how Nintendo build upon it in years to come. A masterpiece right now that, as a game, shall stand the test of time even after a possible sequel."

punch-out nsmb-boxart

#3: Punch Out!!


Review Here (Review by Gorrila)

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"This would have been oh-so-easy to screw up, and at many points, we thought they had. Realising it’d only taken us six hours to collect the champions' belt. Discovering the lack of MotionPlus. The flimsy multi-player. And yet, it turned out none of that mattered. Punch Out!! on Wii is brilliant."

#4: de Blob


Review Here (Review by TR)

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"There's a huge amount of freedom in de Blob and a huge amount to do. Above and beyond your average modern platformer, de Blob feels fresh and original on a system dominated by the glory of Mario Galaxy."

#5: New Super Mario Bros Wii


Review Here (Review by TR)

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"As a social experience, it hits all the right notes. As a piece of Nintendo history, it certainly makes contact with the right keys, but it just isn’t done with enough speed, confidence or harrumph to create the beautiful piece of music we know it easily could have been."

#6: Madworld


Review Here (Review by TR)


"With Viewtiful Joe and Okami already under their belts, we never had a doubt that Madworld’s team would pull it off. We just didn’t figure how well they’d manage it. Not for a second did we see ourselves being so immersed in a world of over-the-top violence and imaginative killings."

#8: A Boy And His Blob


Review Here (Review by TR)


"Being heavily based on the NES game of the same name, you would probably be expecting an old-fashioned platforming romp, and you’d be exactly right to think that. Where the game may surprise you, however, is how old school it is. A Boy And His Blob is a real nostalgic treat."


#7: Wario Land: The Shake Dimension (Shake It!)


Review Here (Review by TR)


"Arguably the nicest-looking 2D game ever is an odd fit for a game about an ugly fat bloke in yellow dungerees guzzling garlic.  The game's feel doesn't miss it's exterior, though if you're a Wazza fan, you're bound to have a laugh or two with it."